Wednesday, March 14, 2007


A lady shouldn't say things like
"Fuck me, eat me out
Go 'head play with that pussy
Yes you can come in my mouth
Smack my ass, yes harder
Yes I'll give you head
Baby hit it from the back
Deep throat, sure I will
And I'll lick the sac
If you want me to I'll swallow
Let me get on top
Yes you can tie me up
Please, baby please, don't stop"
A lady shouldn't tell you
When and where you can cum
When she does or doesn't
Or even need some
A lady shouldn't demand
An encore if it's not right
Or if it's damn good-
Ask for it twice in one night
A lady, she might ask
Not just take what she needs
She would be sublte
And wouldn't want all she sees
They're so refined those ladies
Proper as they should be
Aren't you glad it's not a lady
Fucking you?
It's me

by Ndygho

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