Saturday, September 30, 2006

A well lit street corner in a bad neighborhood

You wore a red dress and had big breasts I wanted to caress, no less.
So I hit you over the head with the butt of my gun,
Dragged you into my van,
Held the gun to your head and said,
"Bitch! I'm going to fuck you 'till you're dead!"

I tore off your panties. They were white and lacy.
I shoved them in your mouth. Did you think they were tasty?

If your pussy was a grape...
...I'd squash it! And ferment it!... into a fine wine called rape.
...aged thirteen years. *wink *wink

Now I'm humping with rigor.
I'm going to cum soon; my cock's getting bigger.
With all the excitement, I'm afraid I might accidentally pull the trigger.
And hey, if you get pregnant, just be glad... I'm not a nigger.
'Cause I know that just maybe,
You'd be better off without a black baby.

Now, it's not like I'm ugly.
I'm physically fit.
So why would you kick me,
When I'm pleasuring your clit?

You were frightened. You struggled. You clawed and you bit.
And when I did anal, you crapped and you shit.

I used lube; I was gentle; there was no need to be scared.
You thought I wanted to hurt you, but really... I cared...

By A. Gabe Lowe

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