Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Humanity Died

There was a gathering on the mid road
I have also excited to join them
Expecting some interesting things to see
I found humanity has met with an accident
It bleeds and cries in pain
And seeks some solace from onlookers
Who called themselves
Wonderful and beautiful creatures of the world.

We remain mute spectator
As if it were a scene of movie.
None of hands heave to help him:
In some they were blinking like a cursor
In some they were like a flip-flop
In some they try to reach
But their deaf and stony emotion
Fail to respond.

But the heart of Atropos in heaven
Melt as He listend the pain and moaning
Of the humanity and He extended His hands
To support and succour
And we found humanity died.

by Vivekanand Jha

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