Sunday, May 30, 2010


when I was a kid,
about 8 years old
the boy from across the street
would knock on our door.
my mother would open the door.
she would be so excited,
"look jeffrey it's georgie,
he's come to see you
he wants to play with you
go on out and play with your friend georgie".

georgie was a little older,
he must have been about eleven.

so out we would go
to the back of some house
behind some tree
where georgie would make me
suck his cock.

it wasn't something I wanted to do.
it wasn't something I enjoyed.
I was afraid of him
he told me if I ever told my mother
he would give me a bloody nose.

then one day,
I was down in our basement
with my uncle john.
my uncle john was taking a piss
on the basement floor.

georgie never told me
not to tell my uncle john
I told him.

after that,
I never had to play
with georgie again.

by Jeff Shepard

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