Sunday, January 28, 2007

BOOK: Cranial Speedway

Congratulations to Ron Cervero on the publication of his new book!

In a long tradition of "outside" poets, from Whitman´s "barbaric yawp" through Bukowski, comes Ron Cervero, who has crafted a volume of short rough poems which primarily are written as responses to daily occurrences, or, more often, outrages. The outrage is keenly felt, and Mr. Cervero´s responses are often bitter and sardonic. Cervero claims not to have read Bukowski before writing this volume and while comparisons, especially eternally being at odds with the Establishment, are evident, these poems are as fragmentary and episodic as, say, videotaping a hanging surreptitiously with a cell phone. Still, they add to define the personality of the poet, whose tattooed legs and torso are displayed on the cover and whose unique view becomes more clear with each poem. David Mix Northeast Review

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