Thursday, June 03, 2010

Prozac Positivitly (Affex's our Lives)

My six days of Prozac positiviy
well it started with an empty me.
Numbing our problems & surroundings
we can only taint our being.
& cry out for pain to cut through our melancholies.
A pound of flesh for hurt,
for reality,
for a fresh perspective in detecting a somber mentality,
to bi polar neutrality.
In contrast to a well oiled machine, functioning with efficient spark plug electricity.
So I’ll arise and go now, and go to Lowercore. (Laracor)
Where a secret garden will such our souls dry some more.
Nourished by living corpses,
beautifully rotting, blossoming and flourishing, in a world gone mad and addicted to weed killer.
Where a neural uptake has resulted in suicide.
So have you set a date to collide with your maker?
Or some demon heart breaker?
If I flew over the coo coo’s nest would you shoot me down, or set me free?
I’m not here to judge, what’s right for you may not be right for me.
But I know now, the importance of being Ernest.
It’s taken me 24 years to have learnt this.
It’s a lesson, a fable, a parable, for happiness.
And I thought I’d messed it up,
but it’s only when you hit your lowest low,
that you can set your sights high on a new goal.
So please follow your intuition,
listen to those voices from within
follow feelings to freedom.
I understand.
I know it’s hard.
I know you hurt yourself.
I know the demons by name. (say hello to them from me)
But please don’t fear them,
‘cause I know that we can clear
them from your nightmares.
I’m here.
I’m near.
You make me real.
You make me real.
A real reality is better than a
medicated mentality,
moving to mediocrity,
meditating to purity.
Prescribe yourself some Happiness!
Prescribe Joy!
There ain't no good thing ever dies!
So where are you going?
Do you know where you’ve been?
Do you know you have beautiful eyes?
Look in the mirror.
Look at yourself.
I can tell you’re beautiful.
Can you?

by Stephen James Smith

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