Thursday, December 08, 2011

Lost in Love's Translation

So maybe I'm not what you believed
But I'm running out of reasons to live
Ran out of suggestions to breath
Relinquish the blame, there’s no such reprieve
I must have misunderstood your intentions
And the definition of our relation
I suppose the reprisal is vital to your mission
To keep hidden the point that I've been missing
The fear that's set in your mind
Suppressed by the wine and these hedonistic retreats of mine
It must just be me but I believed that apathy
Was reserved for those that deserved to be unhappy
Not the foul unlucky perturbed
Fortune is bestowed on the weak minded cold hearted kind that prey on those that lie dying supine
I've been counting down to my last dying breaths
Hoping the reprise will cease in death
And when my chest feels heavy and depressed
I know it's the willingness to succumb to rest
I saw malicious lies embedded within your eyes
Those obtrusive words you were unwilling to confine
You could no longer subside within your divine right
To hold my heart on a platter
And serve it up cold with a side of revenge
Since then it all seems to suspend in a vengeful crescendo
The fairytale lifestyle is made privilege to those that are so willing to slay and lay pillage on helpless third nation village
Love it seems is a myth lost in translations between fact and fiction

by Rufus Reed

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