Monday, October 02, 2006

Chewy The Heroin-Addicted Chihuahua

Chewy don't need no big brain barter,
She's at 100% of that shot.
Chewy lives free without a collar,
Excitement at your feet she's not.

Tremorless not yapping,
Perfectly addicted, reigning.
By design her napping,
In the food, chaining.

Here girl,
Wheet wheet.
Here girl.

Chewy wakes and sniffs,
Pees a catbox listless.
Chewy takes a big whiff,
Leaves a catbox shiftless.

Here girl...

Chewy waits for the hand.
Snaps it twice and stands,
Mmm skin and blood and can,
Chewygirl here, Superman.

by Tony Roberson

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