Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Summer Seduction Series: Wine, Sin, and Dorian

I read your mind
like it was a trashy novella,
with young, married Dorian
falling for mysterious rebel Clark
and deepthroating him in the garage
until she coughed up his spunk
while clueless hubby Franklin
busies himself with some butter
and the thin end of a flashlight
down in the basement.

I read every page of your mind,
sure I could stop at any moment,
repulsed and, just maybe,
the tiniest bit intrigued
with what your sick fucking mind
would think up next.

Then you break the silence
and tell me you've been reading
my mind too, and you've never,
ever, seen someone do that
with a spatula before.

And to a soundtrack
of finger-banged cunts
and the whisper of asshole openings
I decide I might support book burning.
Under the right circumstances,
of course.

by Sean Frasier

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