Thursday, November 30, 2006

bad company

my sulfur was lying crazy
like some company
hiding its heat and
itching and throbbing.

my sulfur was cheap
like a bad company
with too many shoes
on the shelves.
like all those flared pants that look the same
no mattering a deep originality.

my sulfur was lying hot and deep
and it itched way inside
that if you would just take a look there
or water it gently and respectable and with thought
and feeling
it might not be so bad anymore.
it might respond to your heat too.

my sulfur is waiting hot inside for your heat.
my sulfur is honest.

she says only true thoughts.
and she says, "where is he?
I am lying here hot and true
and I need you
your fingers and tongue
with me."

she talks so loud I know you here her up on tenth street.
but you have to work or study.
but meanwhile she is hot and hairy gooseball inside
throbbing for you on top of her.

by Melanie Maxwell

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