Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Bride's Wedding

You tear open my pretty,
white gown,
rip off my lacy bra
with strong, impatient hands.
My delicate panties split as you jerk them down,
baring me.
O, baring me!
How hot your tongue
as it cleaves between
my breasts,
exciting my esperance,
turning my knees to jelly
hanging me suspended in
a luscious ether.
Ecstasy longed for.
More vivid, intense,
than any cauchemar
of erotic perversion;
you arouse my wildest,
hidden desires.
Your wet mouth
hot on my nipples,
sucking them hard,
my breasts, swollen
and bruised,
burn with your kisses.
Your searching fingers
find my wet center
and enter me;
you stifle my cries
with your lips
and fusing tongue.
Naked you pull
me to you,
forcing me
against your hardness.
You slap me
when I resist,
then harder;
you raise me up
on tip toe,
forcing my head back,
pulling my hair
till I cry out,
moaning in despair,
O lost is your once fair,
sweet maiden.
Tongue on tongue
smothers oaths.
You force my small hand
around your dick,
so hard and thick.
Your hands bruise the back of my thighs
and pick me up.
I cling, trembling,
to your neck,
my legs around your
narrow hips.
You slide into me.
O, how it hurts!
I cry,
but you will not stop
until you are deep,
deep inside.
You are cruel,
a demon possessed.
I am hot.
Please, I beg you -- but
do not stop!
You make my heart
rush like a hummingbird
fluttering gold, translucent wings;
my thoughts in confusion
in the shimmering of the moonlight,
off windows’ silvery gleam.
My head spins.
I cry! I cry!
You deprive me.
Then move faster deep inside.

You build within me
such fires.
You make me feel things
never before desired.
I am your slave.
Your naked hire.
I can no longer resist;
I will do whatever you wish.
Kiss, kiss, kiss....
Your stubbled cheek
brushes fire
across my breasts.
You wrench my soul
from between my thighs.
You cum in me.
I feel you jerk inside.
I whimper and
cum and shiver
as slowly you
withdraw ....and
turn me to another ...who
pulls me to him...
and enters
where I am wet and shaven
and burning with a raging fire.

We cum so hard,
hard, hard
while my groom watches,
his eyes filled with raw desire.

by Ken Thomas

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Blogger Ron said...

That's a good poem. Hot with the surprise ending

5:32 PM  

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