Wednesday, October 25, 2006


No not that 69-1969
I remember the way the mimeograph machine copies smelled in 3rd grade
I remember staying out all day-no cell phones
I remember my mother calling me from blocks away for dinner
I remember feeling up the neighborhood girls
I remember licking bald pussy’s
I remember throwing snowballs at cars with rocks in them
I remember walking to school
I remember not doing anything in school except recess
I remember black & white TV
I remember Batman…
I remember landing on the moon
I remember Viet Nam
I remember the simplicity and chaos of it all-

I remember smoking pot when I was 11
Riding mini-bikes in the woods-

Being a kid was really being a kid
This world is fucked up
I’m sending this poem via e-fucking mail
I remember stamps, and waiting for a letter like it was Christmas
I remember Christmas with all my family
Now there is no one left
Now technology fucked the kids

They will never be kids again-

by Ron Cervero

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