Sunday, October 22, 2006

Through TIME and SPACE

When this whole world,
Let's you down.
And you're left standing
On hallowed ground,
Without a weapon,
Without a shield.
When we were born,
Our fate was sealed.

I long to be there,
My old friend.
I long to hold you
Till the end.
But there is nothing,
I can do.
But keep your memory,
And pray for you.

As the Battle rages all around,
And your way too tired to sleep,
When the highest mountains
Come tumbling down,
And the future lies at your feet.

I would lie for you,
I would die for you.
I will never do you wrong,
I'll be a fool for you,
I'll be a tool for you,
Yet somehow,
I'll be strong.

When they're climbing
Our castle wall.
When our armies
Begin to fall,

Don't go gently,
From my embrace,
For I will love you,
Through time and space.

by Mark S. Brown

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