Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cocaine and Anal Sex

Cocaine and Anal Sex
They really do not mix
They lead to blood and bleeding
And cleaning shit from upon the sheets

The night began as normal
A bar on 1st and 12th
When I met a Puerto Rican
Who had some coke to sell

She in stormy corset
With fishnet panty hose
The author in vinyl pants
With ring around the nose

Her bosom burst like fireworks
From beneath its latex jail
My erection strained the vinyl
Threatening to impale

The lights swam upon the fetish gear
We worked so hard to get inside
‘Can I have another bump?’
She whispered in my ear

Holding hands we charged the bathroom
Like so many Pamplona bulls
The blow went up our noses
And shot right out our skulls

‘Pour some on my breasts
And lay your face between
Such a shame to waste that coke
Be sure to lick them clean’

A sight unseen, we burst the doors
A wet Manhattan night
‘I hope you’ve got a hardon stranger
As my pussy’s just so tight’

The Manhattan Bridge went by
Seen from a cab’s back seat
Her come fuck me’s in my vinyl crotch
The driver could feel the heat

‘How far’s your apartment stranger
I don’t think I’ll last’
‘Six more blocks, six more blocks
Put your hand on my perfect little ass’

The driver smiled knowingly
While we stumbled up the stairs
‘Oh there’s one my thing
I just shaved my pubic hair’

She poured coke into my cock hole
And I into her cunt
Then we 69’d
A Valentino worthy stunt

So many fingers probing
Every dirty place
My heart had just quit beating
When she sat upon my face

Some planets dropped from orbit
And Hades might have froze
So, when stranger slapped my face
Her blow just curled my toes

We wailed and clawed like banshees
Sucking off the dead
Ripped our clothes, scared the dog
And popped the waterbed

She said, ‘It’s time for one more line
Then now just take me deep’
Lines were cut – up they went
Sometimes chemicals taste so sweet

‘Put it in my ass’
We both yelled at the same time
Make me yours, I’ll make you mine
That just came out in rhyme

Then a sound was heard
A rumbling near my balls
Something happened quite unique
A bloody diarrhea Niagra Falls

It coated all our privates
Clogged our pubic hair
Flew upon the walls
From her alabaster derriere

Now let this be a warning
To all and sundry present
Butt fucking and blow just don’t mix
And I have learned my lesson

by Mike Dolan

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