Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Trillion Years Ago

Voices in his head
Dead memories reborn
Cerebral nerves untie
& slowly
the horde of thoughts
begin their commute
towards the Metropolis of
a sullen mental state


Visions of Carnival Sluts
Circus Cocks in knots & chains
Pathetic emulations of ego static masturbation
Pathogenic degeneration & dinner

(A detour into the subconscious)

Scenes of hedonism
Urchins and hemophiliacs
Bleeding arbitrary fluids onto my
Newborn grandstand

Underneath the bleachers
disease & flies
Lack of sex
& Mc Donald's fries
These are truly Roman times

I digress...

He blinks away temptation
Incalculable fate and reason
How could you ever expect to understand?
His Trillion eyes were an abacus

If he were a tree...

He would be a weeping willow
because he is always weeping
Weeping because he has
the green disease on his sleeve

I'm not referring to little gods
Ghosts who fell short a Trillion years ago

For I know all about the false profits
obscured by history
I've felt the wicked winter of men
Polished lies beneath the cloak of wisdom

Lately I've been thinking...

Nature has fallen
Now her Satyrs dance for gold
and not just for the sake of
the epic fantasy
To keep the forest clean and mighty

Hemostats and gauze
The wounded bleeding trees
Glazed in sap and amber
Screaming silent chords of agony

(Abruptly, he stops and turns to confront me)

"What's your problem, man?
Why are you following me?"

"Stop pretending!" He shouts

"You are not me!"

"You don't have a Trillion years
Grow up and evolve already
Stop being such a drag"

I'm not referring to little gods
Ghosts who fell short a Trillion years ago

by Aaron Rutten

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