Monday, December 18, 2006


Children rubbing childish parts
to their own in pre-development
Playing the roles of sex-crazed
adolescents looking for the right answers
Can it be said, dirty from birth?
I was the initiator under the table
Two girls and a boy with hidden agendas
I showed mine for a peak at both worlds
A conqueror, bound for the next kill
Ridin’ a carnal wave for all it’s worth
How could you be expected to fill these shoes?
I was onto sex ed while you
watched Transformers on your living room floor
mechanical warfare for a broken hymen
You’d dare come to me
with dreams so pearly white
while I dreamt pre-K of being
Internationally fabulous and fucking
Jet set with a wandering mind
stepping out from your restricted libido
taking on the world means loosening up
inch for inch, I’ll spread to take it all

by Kate Green

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