Sunday, December 17, 2006


There once was a girl, without human parts,
Surrounded, shrouded, alone in the dark.
Paled by light withdrawal, hidden away,
Nothing she tried could make anyone play-
Keeping night-child alone, always apart.

Did your real dad ever love you this well?
He ever stroke your arms, save you from hell?
Oh my, baby, you have the darndest mouth,
You are beautiful, of that I'll vouch!
From sea-hued eyes to hair colored carmel.

"Quiet now child, you will wake the neighbors
Cling to me while you're willing and able
Hush now my darling child, nothing is wrong
You know I would never do you no harm.
Aw, kid, you shouldn't be this unstable."

Let's play a new game with tiny candy
Making it interestingly dandy
Catapult the dots between daddy's lips
Using nothing, but that, between his hips
"Mommy, will these skills will come in handy?"

"There's nothing wrong with a special embrace
Using your lips, now, trail along his waist
Use your teeth, you will get better at it!
And please don't cry baby, don't throw a fit.
The tears only ruin your doll-like face."

What she needs- to finish what was started
Baby was left stricken, broken, parted
A little hole, with nothing left to fill
Her tiny throat now perplexingly still
Nothing can claim the violent-hearted

She still remembers your shattering glance
Of her and of you and him in her pants.
Her protests still echo throughout the halls
You still claim, "I'm without blame for it all"-
Lips firmly shut, cold eyes trapped in a trance.

What is this, are we all suffer-addicts?
Remembering the worst- him so manic?
His eyes ablaze in wolf-amazement,
Her cries engraved in memory-pavement.
There is nothing left, music turned static.

by Embers of Omega

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