Thursday, December 07, 2006


my dreams reeled back
like a film on rewind
and shrunk into black
before the white light of reality
spread out like a nuclear explosion.

her hand was gripped around my stiff cock
pumping it slowly
her breath a low husky heat on my chest
as her other hand scratches at her itch.

when she brings it out to moisten with spit
her lidded eyes meet mine
and she giggles like an evil vixen.

I stick my thumb and forefinger in my mouth
then begin twisting a hardening brownish red nipple
her back immediately arching
her ass cheeks tightening
and a squeak like she'd been stepped on
gets caught in her throat.

she grabs my cock even harder
the head becoming a bloated dark purple
and the veins throbbing rhythmically
my head spinning from loss of blood.

"I'm a bad girl." she coo's instinctively.
I spit on her left tit
smearing it around
then rub and slap my cock on her nipple.

"You're a very bad girl. You need to be punished."

"Yeesss," she squeals. "I have to do hatever you want.
I have to ride your hard cock."

she mounts herself over me
putting the head in her pussy
its tight...
I feel like I'm trying to shove a mushroom
into a beer bottle.

but it wets up nice after some more grinding
and dirty talk about how much of a bad girl she is
and how this is for her own good.

I flick at her nipple
like a hungry snake
as she grinds and bobs
one finger halfway in her ass.

"I need it from behind, baby."

she leans over while I roll around
mounting her from behind
one leg wrapped around hers
so that I am slightly sideways
my curved cock massaging her G spot.

after she cums she begs me to cum on her ass
I pound away
faster and harder
my hands wrapped around her hips
pulling her in brutally
after each animalistic thrust.

when I am about to cum
I spread her ass cheeks with one hand
and pull out with the other
jerking off until I send a thick glob
of warm sperm onto her tight
wrinkled asshole.

she lies down on her stomache
breathes a sigh of release
while I wipe the cum from her ass
with a T shirt
my brain dazed and far away
glad for the rude awakening.

by Jason Crane

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