Saturday, February 24, 2007


Most of these following crude sentences,
Preverse cursed rehearsed rude verses for instance,
Consists a tid bit, I admit, of tiny tainted fibs,
With some or largely none dismissed,
That emerged submerged under a beautiful demon's kiss,
To unfold to those fancy follies constantly watching the bold,
And follow tall tales told of a goldrush for fool's gold,
Is only a whisper that escapes the same angel's lips,
Then gently pressed down in print,
Articulated manifestations to deceive and trick,
Volumns of symbolic solemn columns to outhink and outwit,
Devious mischievous mischief(with or without expletives),
Decorative colorful words which sound creative,
Confounded manipulation with personifications,
A realization of truth speckled with emotional speculations,
Fused with induced wisdom by life's recollections,
The communication with education of a soul's destination,
This is the elixir of witch's brew that stews a poet's imagination.

by R. Alton

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Anonymous Sam Vargo said...

there's some nice language play going on here.

it's not nice prose, but it's definitely unique and tough.

5:13 PM  

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