Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Stand up

Part I
The rich send the poor to fight their war-
War for what?
War for more
More what?
The more that doesn't matter
The more that corrupts and interrupts the natural world
Lost lives, lost ways
The poor leave, they leave the scene to fight their war
In the meantime the rich sit back in their cozy chairs and sip their wine
and watch the dimes roll in on the second
It's an orchestrated scheme.
Using the poor as pons
Hit the battle field
Die to protect your back-man
Why are the poor fighting their war?
They leave no choice
More than robbery- Brainwash
Open up the flood gates
Revealing the truth

Part II
So, While you are off marching around with your M-16
Driving your big green tank
They're all here pushing the buttons and manipulating codes to
send you off to your next big mission
Mission that keeps you away
Away and at bay
You produce the wage that lines their pocketbooks
Upon your return
You find yourself unemployed
So they pledge to make a payment
to keep your mouth shut
It works
So there you are wearing a nice blue collar
and your neighbors slice you in half with cruel stares
You're just part of the big picture
What big picture?
Pretty hard to see past the counter with your glazed over eyes
They keep you medicated- a formal sock in your mouth
How does it taste?
It's all pretty bland now
and everything seems to wear a shade of gray

by Rachel Robertson

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