Monday, May 25, 2009

A LesBiGay Litany of Thanksgiving

We thank you, creator,
for penises and vaginas,
for breasts and chests,
for mouths and teeth,
for pre-cum and tubular lubrication,
for heads cut and uncut, with and without cheese,
for clits slow and fast, high and low,
for nipples hard and nipples soft,
for nipples hairy and nipples smooth,
for navels, innies and outies,
for rectums,
for slits galore and slippery places,
for nerves in ears and toes and wrists,
for blinks and winks,
for sperm, for eggs,
for legs and arms that squeeze,
for scrota and wombs.
For the first person to kiss us with open mouth,
for the first person to whisper or nod or pant,
for our first hot dream,
for our first wet and sticky sheets,
for the first person to stay overnight,
for the first person to lick lips,
for ejaculation, for spasms,
for involuntary lust,
for sweat, for pubes between the teeth,
we thank you, creator.
For those who have suffered for our love,
for every lesbian murdered as a witch,
for every male burned at the stake, shot, or drawn and quartered,
for every "dishonorable" discharge,
for every job stolen, every career smashed, every dream deferred,
bless us, Just One.
Bless the victims of rape and child abuse,
Bless the persons with AIDS and ARC.
Bless those who have died.
For every dyke, for every sissy,
for every quean, for every dagger,
for every butch, for every femme,
we thank you, Creator.
For gay male clowns and lesbian priests,
for bisexual surgeons and hairdressers,
for lesbian truck drivers and scholars,
for every LesBiGay waiter in the world
and for every LesBiGay student,
we thank you, Creator.
For gay imagination, for bisexual joy,
for lesbian excitement, for arousal,
for the kindness of strangers,
for LesBiGay art, music, and poetry,
for LesBiGay prayer, quietness, and peace,
for LesBiGay gentleness and courage,
for LesBiGay scientists and designers,
we thank you, Creator.
But especially for all lesbians, bisexuals, and gays dear to us,
for ........
[Here the congregation will name those dear to them.
When done, the officiant will continue...]
We thank you, we thank you, we thank you. AMEN
[The congregation responds:]
We thank you, we thank you, we thank you. AMEN

by H. M. Quean Lutibelle

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