Friday, May 01, 2009

I hate Tuesdays

Sometimes I get mad at myself for being behind larger objects.
What if someone I didn’t know was looking for me but they couldn’t see me? (then move)
How will they know I’m there if they don’t have x-ray vision goggles?
I should order them x-ray vision goggles.
I think the mailman is afraid of me because I wait for him every day and I try to give him a gift. (today I made him waffles)
I think he avoids my house the most and I get sad so I go to sleep.
I wish everything was transparent and I could live in the space between your legs and cry without feeling embarrassed. (you’re always embarrassed.)
Then we could watch a movie and laugh when people get shot and cry when they sing songs about love.
And then I'd put shards of glass in your wine and you would bleed and say
"Get the fuck out of my house"
And I would be embarrassed again.
God that would be amazing.

by Gianni Magpantay

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