Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Wings warming
Announcements at arms length
Present company unwanted
Drinks disguise the rest
Turbulence, children screaming
Drifting half way to sleep
All withered and worn
Awoke to pilots speech
Stating not to worry
Damn I was asleep
Next door neighbor
Hysterical now, peed on himself
Oh not me this time
Someone else save the day
This is vacation. Not
Another wet blanketed
Withered day unfolded
Bathrooms always delayed
Bouquet of urine
And life’s aftermaths
Proudly displayed
Rain candy from the
Ceiling for these screaming children
Jet lag, turbulence
Teeth clawing upon the ceiling
Food awakes stale air
Upon my tray they lay
Micro waved mistakes
Of leftover beware
Sixty four dollars
On little nippy bottles
To quiet the children
And the neighbors urine
Finally quiet him self
But stewardess are warning
Teaching unboarding
Children all calm now
Sleeping to late for me
To mind. Replace your tray
Upright and buckles in place
Blanketing Brooklyn
Our tires displayed
All of the boroughs
Left in our wake
JFK no traffic break

by Dawn Christopher

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