Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bodily Function

Crusted eyelids
Squeezing out some screaming kids
The drip of the clap
A hard, but victorious, crap
A pins and needles hand
Rough skin like paper with sand
Squeezing out a zit
Finding a lump on your right tit
The aching need to piss
Lips so chapped that no one will kiss
Grunge between the toes
The grunting made in sexual throes
A furrowing of the brow
Needing to sneeze, right here, right now
The appendix ready to burst
A hemorrhoid at its very worst
A tear duct acting up
Aching balls you gingerly cup
A painful kidney stone
An infected wound you call your own
A sharp pain in your head
Hair keeps growing although you’re dead
Acid reflux in your throat
A viscous slime that your lungs coat
A thought that drives you insane
The piercing of a needle in your vein
A break or a contusion
Symptoms leading to mass confusion
Life’s blessing, yet bodies curse
Through health, or death, it could be worse

by Bill Johnston

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