Monday, March 31, 2008

rosaries and wine

and this is where you lose your mind
because i sleep
only to wake and meet satan
soaked in red im dying
from the absence of your love
my nights
devoid of stars he is my
creature my vampire
and in dreams
i feast on his sadism
i take his magic i drink you drank
my blood for two years
poisoned i am
impaired i am
disavowed i am
from this monster i sway
and stagger, lightheaded
im trying not to fall
JOIN ME as he slices
my corpse my heart in two
on my knees i beg him
to sew me back together
JOIN ME as i trip
over the kisses he blows
and spill my own blood
among the dead i crawl
to find something better
but he is the only
and i remain caged
in barbed wire
like a bird i cant fly
because he cut off my wings.

by Desiree Santos

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