Thursday, March 20, 2008

Master of Passion

Master of the sea, earth, fire, wind, thunder, and rain I am a still voice here my cry. My desire is true as the sky is blue. All I desire is a simple kiss of passion upon my lips. Do you care, are you there? I am thunder voice of a thousand children in the streets of Armageddon. Forces come to summon darkness to equip me with power. Is this my fight or yours? Is it true as the heart is true, cards are open to suggestion. Will Ace attack me or not? I don’t know, as I am clueless to your advances. Open my revelation to the book of fire, earth eyes a blaze, sand of dust blow me away. I reason with time to make up my mind. I only trust you o’ mother of nature. Are clocks on the walls of hour glasses fading into swords of gold? I know the truth it is magic like atomic thunder of roses of pain the simple game. I open my eyes to might of thought and find desire. I am alone in quiet and destruction of my hate. Trust me sea drown me in your love. Don’t hurt me thunder or wind please!! I am only small in the world of forces. I desire to cry, but wind blocks my tear docks. So I scream out loud and I am crazy for love. So if you could master of the sea, earth, fire, wind, thunder and rain bless me so and become me truly, openly, and kindly for ever more.

by Michael Paul Stratton

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