Monday, February 18, 2008

Twilight in the Afternoon

we like taking away
all that we gave
if it keeps us up
like the restless air
that bubbled with effervescence
slowly riding the edge high
until it hit the open
with ready acceptance
sparkling through a lime infusion
a glance at a random shot
has you hitting me up
I’m on the auction block
yet I’ve no want
for any suitor here
I cover my eyes
to hide my disappointment
battle me bastards
I get lost when you
put up a fight
offering to fly me south
to check out your skills
at a traveling trade show
I’ll decline to take lodging
with a spunky Jewish gem
celebrating weekly Shabbat
fueling my fire with
a delicate air of curiosity
roll me over
let’s take this to the bed
waking with the beginning
of my beautiful lucid dream
where my greatest passion
came back for one more fling
to shudder at my longing
as I shut him out
to keep the chase alive
it feels so real
when dawn bites bitter
whipping winds frozen
as I close my eyes
and struggle to find the light
we can’t all fall
into love so easily
don’t set me an example
unless you make one of me
parched and dried
I’m more than willing to see
everything nonexistent
but I cannot accept the reality
of anyone else’s feelings
I know too well
what it all means
and how it will end
so let’s bring this fever
to a soft simmer
we’ll have more fun
teasing the game into infinity
than closing the deal
forcing my boredom
to take a stroll
away from your covers
into the arms of the opposite sex
whose only contribution
comes from a single point
jabbing into my
truth sensation
the only lie
that will never ring false

by Kate Green

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