Friday, February 08, 2008


Bobble headed salesmen marching up Main Street handing out coupons advertising value prices on heart attacks at McFatty's.

High gloss fliers overflowing my mail box offering deals on cheap hideous crap I don't want keep shoving it down my throat.

Be smart shop at Wal-Smart buy our crap made in China half price on shit you don't need we underpay employees so you can pay less.

Conglomorate sales pitches beamed down from satalites realigned numerically in the stupid machine can't change the channel suck me dry.

Anorexic bitches selling diet pills speed faster go faster all-in-one exorcise machine folds easily stored under fat bastard's couch can't stop cramming ding-dongs in his face.

Buy our SUV air bags so safe own the road soccer moms drive mini vans with highest saftey ratings other cars will kill your families you can't live with that guilt.

Cotton blood pluggers with wings and strings anti itch new car smell vagina washer get clean I want a brownie yeah she's bleeding from her hole.

Four out of five doctors agree you're stupid buy our pills you're gonna die feeling sad is abnormal behavior take more pills side effects may include chemical lobotomy suck me dry.

Buy more shit crap you don't want or need buy a piece of america own the dream sqeeze my wallet take my green backs suck me dry.

Don't want your cheap shit your garbage made by ten year olds in Taiwan sweat shop soccer balls check mark on a shoe.

Welcome to america Corporation of america work cheap buy large buy it now while supplies last The corporation of america We own you suck me dry.

by The Mad Hatter

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