Sunday, October 21, 2007


there is nothing more beautiful than an entire
field of milkweed in full pink-sphered bloom
you add to the picture two good-looking
naked young men who are taking
turns fucking each other up the ass.
on a wonderously clear day in early july,
in a huge milkweed field in the middle
of nowhere, they jumped out of their
car and stripped off their clothes
and just went at it, out there in
the middle of that field of milkweed.
later, back in the car, they wondered if
anyone had seen them out there in the field,
fucking. they wondered and wondered about that,
then gunned the engine, and,
in a matter of moments, there was only
the field, the milkweed in full pink-sphered bloom,
and the whispers of the snoopy snoopy breeze.

by Carl Miller Daniels

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