Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cho You’re My Hero

I secretly admire you.
You did what I dream of;
You let go and you snapped.
When the story came out
I grieved not only for them,
The innocent dominoes within
your selected killing field.
I connected with you;
Your pain,
Your anger,
Your misery.
I saw it in your eyes.
I bonded with your writing,
My madness understood yours;
Being fed up with the world,
wanting folks to stop fuckin’
with your demented mind.
I’m not condoning your actions,
Your massacre of others
is an unforgivable act.
But when the pain seers
Inside your blood and cells,
Without proper intervention,
Anything is bound to happen.

by Anonymous

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cho is a fucking hero. Maybe if that cunt bitch prostitute put out like she was supposed to, this massacre would not have happened. Like Cho is only guy who could not get laid, he had the balls to do something about it. Maybe if just 1 woman would have talked to him, this would not have happened. What the fuck do you expect him to do. With so many men who cant get laid, myself included, I am just surprised more men do not do the same thing. Cho's only mistake is that he did not target a sorority and increase the body count. Mabey this would have caused the feminized media to acknowledge sexual starvation as a major problem for men in this country and that sex is a necessary part of male mental health. Maybe then they would finally legalize prostitution just like every other country has in the civilized world. My heart goes out to Cho and he is a great american hero in my book and I hope there will be others!

5:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous aka James aka wtf, you're really talking out of your ass. You act like this crazy Korean guy had killed 32 stupid swingers instead of 32 human beings. And among those he killed, there even might have been guys that never had the chance to be with a woman and thanks to that Korean gun-nut never will. If sex is such an important remedy for men not to freak out, buy a gun and kill their fellow human beings, then you're right, they should see that they get sex as quick as possibly. So why don't they focus on the fat and ugly chicks (i bet they're as desperate and sexually frustrated as you are)? But I guess in your hypocrite mind sex counts only if its done with a victoria's secret model or a hot sorority chick you know from your youporn movies. And btw., i'm certainly none of the top five echelon of men (yeah, i read your other comments earlier), so i guess i know what i'm talking about.

1:31 AM  

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