Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In 3’s

fucked in fired in the same week
a first and a re-birth
the double “f”
what an ironic combination
what you put out
you get back in fashion
the first was good
exactly as fantasized
culmination of my desires
passionate and raw
breaking the seal
the temporary seclusion
bursting blood
that never came before
forced myself down
only to be flipped
and deliciously pounded
into a sweltering mound
of gasping delights
the latter misplaced
manic reserve
that was asked for
with inappropriate delivery
set me off shaking
writhing in malice
the only day I didn’t
rock headphones while riding
letting the motor run
basking in astonishment
trying to turn these thoughts
into something tangible
logical or cohesive
to turn it anything
that holds the possibility
of understanding
my fall from the summit

by Kate Green

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