Saturday, September 08, 2007

Why From a Girl

Hey where do you live?
I want to know about it, please.
"You are wasting your time
'cause I'm already fine."
But let me shine into your garage
for espionage
Air passage
and to speak my language
and to free you from the cage.
So let me offer the carriage
to wing you to voyage.

"Why do you want to go?"
To explore the amazing world
drinking your nectar sweetheart .
"What is your name?"
I'm Name without fame.
"I'm Lilly but not so silly."
So what about your family?
"Why so timely?"
Please tell me kindly
Oh fille!

See the umbrella without rainfall
and kites of fly bloom in blue.
Look at you in pain and pleasure
in success and failure
and I'm always there for you.
Find there is no sky or earth
just you and me from start.
I gave you my heart
so let me be your part.

by Umesh Ghoshdastider

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