Friday, August 10, 2007

Please Don't Say Cunt

Please don't say cunt
Please don't say cunt
Can I say pussy?
Hey leave my pussy out of this
Please don't say pussy
How about fuck, can I say fuck?
No, no fucking around here while I'm present
Please don't say fuck or cunt or pussy
How about ethnic cleansing?
Oh, you can say that. Do I get a pedicure with it?
I just love pedicures
How about pegagogy?
Can I say pedagogy?
Oh sure, my feet hurt all the time
from my job
I walk around the store for 5 hours a day
How about bella fica stretta?
Can I say bella fica stretta?
Sure ! That sounds beautiful!
You know what it means?
Oh tell me, it sounds beautiful though
It's Italian. It means "pretty tight pussy"
Oh you pig! You even ruin the romance languages!

by Rob Plath

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome poem! I loved every line of it. Grade A stuff
-Jordan Eckenrode

5:24 PM  

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