Sunday, July 29, 2007

white tissue

fabricate this face
mold my body
carbon copy
graveyard spreading
on both sides
of dirty highways
this may be a lie
but I’ll take all
I can get
for this weekend trip
spent with the priceless
immortal scientologists
chiro rehab specialists
chasing the sunrise
to out run the storm
hanging over my
abnormal curves
help me re-hydrate
like the swan
that set to Leda
cracking over jokes
told by a short Jew
do you want to view
my new webinar
to fascinate
your prostate
into tangible explosions
regenerating wounds
to spread from
the thigh
circling ‘round for
the counterfeit beauty
of my favorite love
swinging for both sides
singing, “by and by”
to rebuild the light
clicking traction
every two hours
a wake-up call
for the soft shelled
muscle spasm
knitting patterns
of star bright texture
up and over my eyes
to block out
the shinobi slumber
eight pounds of gelatin
sliding, dang!-
liquefy the throat
forming elastic energy
to take the blow
from a bloated chewie
licking up the leaves
of diseased sage
cracking through
the summer mud
cleansing this space
in calm movements
whispering to the others
in foreign tongues
that stretch
from the root
to the sun spot
nestled in the glory
of the crown

by Kate Green

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