Thursday, June 28, 2007


you better be beautiful
like a magicians assistant
like a hostage should be
or else I'm gonna just empty you
and leave you back there,
by the dumpster,
where you belong
If that's what it takes
for you to leave false advertisements
in the Personal Ads.
I swear. boy, oh I swear.
You better have legs,
legs down to the ground
that I want to lick up to the base
and you better have tits
that fire hot death over life
or i'm gonna vampire bite your neck
and leave you in the cave
that fills with hungry starfish
and dreamless winter
You calm your eyes are like the "spring"
you better show a spring to my cock
and your ass will have to be tight
I have killed liars before
I can put a paper bag on your face
and on my own too
I want to pull a sorrow
from the bones
of your ghost

by Gary Smith

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