Sunday, May 27, 2007


Combed through alcohol,
The edge is now sanitized.
Ahhhh, yes, now it’s clean.
It fits perfectly in my pocket.


Now, where would she be?
Oh yes, she’s here, perfect.
I politely ask for her time.

*closes and locks door*

No help or anyone is nearby.
She turns her back to retrieve
what she thinks I came for.


I have her where I want her.
Rage fills my mind and soul.
I can no longer control myself.
The edge comes out as I grab her,
She’s up against the wall screaming.
I love how the blade kisses her.
Her cries mean nothing to me.


You should have thought about
your actions before now bitch!
I caress her throat with the edge,
Slicing and slitting it with pride.
For all the hell you’ve caused me
Payback is a mutha, isn’t it bitch?


Nobody’s here to hear your pleas.
A chase ensues, I overtake her
I pin her to the floor and stab,
Oh yes, I hid another knife.
She cries out in anguish.
I attack her with no mercy.


You treated me like shit
and thought nothing of my safety
I was destroyed in the time
It took God to create the world.
That’s all it took.


And now, you must repay me
For all the anguish and torture
I endured because of your hate.

*picks up and stares at hands*

I’m covered in your blood.
Sweet serendipity.

*aims for jugular vein*

I have no problem doing this.
My blade dents her vein.
I leave her in her own pool
Of years of devilish blood.
I walk out, accepting my fate.
Luckily for me no one sees me.
The nearby water calls to me.
I accept its inquiry.

by Anonymous

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