Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Virgo's Kidnapping

He was stolen in the night
An eve otherwise mundane
The date not even remembered
Though the event could never be forgot

I had plotted the task
From the moment I found my criminal
Perfect for the job, self-interested and careless
Careless enough to steal a child without thought

It had been my desire to be rid of Virgo
He was with me always
Ingrained deep inside
He served to protect but also prevented

And so I had him kidnapped
My selected thief more than willing
I provided him his tools
Promptly setting him to work

The ritual was an atrocity
Stinging pain and faked enjoyment
Belly down, legs together
Praying for the theft to end

Comfort was sought but not found
Neck twisted so as not to inhale sheets
The offender spoke his consolatory words
"Wow, you're really tight"

Using his flesh sword I was torn into
Stretched, pulled apart, opened
Deep within Virgo was snatched
Scraped from my guts and devoured

Finding my resolution, having been freed
I bade the villain farewell
Kissed dear Virgo through his lips
Sent him out, under charcoal sky, carrying away a child

by Greg Englebach

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this fucking site doesn't even have literature on it. it's just a bunch of whacked out fucks trying to be poets. this site sucks.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous kg said...

if this site sucks and you can so easily pass judgement, then why don't you submit a poem so we can trash it?

5:16 PM  
Anonymous D.E. said...

most critics are just big tit suckers, especially those who like to remain anonymous.

2:18 PM  

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