Wednesday, April 04, 2007

She had bright beautiful brown eyes. They seemed to be framed by the locks
of the streaked brown hair that hung around them. She wore only a satin
black robe. It was tied around her waist so that the top spread like a V,
open around her breast. Hiding her nipples by just barely resting on them. I
knew she was at least 30, but her face and hips looked like those of a
teenager. She moved like a cat, slow and sleek. Her eyes never moved. They
were fixed directly on me.
She seemed to walk in slow motion, on foot in front of the other. And only
in the shadows. Behind her the large windows that led out to the balcony
were open, causing the large red drapes to flap behind her. As she moved
closer, I couldn’t take my eyes away from hers. I was completely under her
spell. Hypnotized. My body felt weak and limp. My vision blurred.
I sat slumped over on a large red sofa, leaning slightly forward with a
strong drink wet in my hand. Sweat dripped from my forehead and onto the
couch and floor. She took the perspiring cocktail from me and drank it in
one quick movement, titling her head back like it had just flipped open. Her
hair reaching down to the small of her back. She lowered her head and faced
me, pausing before throwing the glass against the brick wall. It shattered
into little shards that danced on the black tile floor.
I stared at her as she leaned closer, I wanted to look down at her tits.
Our eyes fixed, she reached for my hands, grabbing each at the wrist.
Holding them together she raised them to her chest. I could feel a burning
between my legs as blood engorged my groin. Our eyes still fixed, my hands
slipped into her robe. Touching her nipples with my fingers. I spread my
palms to take her tits into my hands completely. As I began to squeeze they
felt slippery and sticky. Before I could look down our lips met, our tongues
exploring each others throats. She pushed me away slightly and a string of
saliva connected us for a brief moment, before breaking and falling against
her chin.
My hands still on her chest, she leaned back against the arm of the couch.
Eyes still fixed, I dropped the robe from around her shoulders and leaned
into her neck. Kissing it lightly. Closing my eyes, I moved quickly down to
her nipples and sucked them in. They were wet and tasted like copper pennies
and nine volt batteries.

I opened my eyes to see the slippery wet was bright red.

Jerking back, I looked down at her. Her breast were covered in blood. In a
panic I looked down at my hands. Deep wounds were cut across my palms, and
chunks of yellow fat lined the sides of each gash. In both palms, there was
a hole pierced completely through. Trying to stand, I fell to the floor.
Kicking myself back against the wall in horror. Looking down at my feet I
saw they were pierced as well. I could look directly through the holes and
see the shiny black floor.

The blood was everywhere. She stood from the couch and walked my way, the
soft skin of her stomach and breast covered with blood. She dropped to her
hands and knees, crawling towards me on all fours. Leaning into my ear, she
whispered something I couldn’t make out. Reaching for my belt, her teeth
pressed around my earlobe until it burned white hot. Moving around my face,
she kissed me deeply. Something passing between our lips as she pulled out
my dick.

Pulling away she smiled as I spit out my own earlobe. Blood dripped from
her mouth as she took the full length of my cock into it...

And my mind caved in within itself until nothing was left but blackness.

by Jason Vowell

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