Monday, March 19, 2007

Nice poems without the word cunt

You want clever prose in literary context
to slip amongst the other yawns after breakfast
well I tell ye 40 pages of boredom
for stuffy middle class bedrooms
but at least mine will perk them up
might rouse them into action
raise an erection, go fuck a queer

You want something ‘uplifting’ and senseless
vague and pointless
when I am crass and pointed
and won’t veil the word with metaphor today

This world is bloated. Ugly like
a fat gut flaccid fold
all white, haired and moled
all explosion and flesh across the road
bullet sores and wounded children
a world heaving, developing, seething,
the third world constantly needing
raped by the west and screaming.

But no, don’t be angry, Terrance warned me
(say’s it all – Terrance!)
and as for CUNT offensive
gutter verbiage and I wonder what planet
these sad old farts inhabit.

Cunos means cunt in Spain
CHILDREN use that word, so come on
when will Britain ever be freed
these twisted upright citizens
and their Christian inspired creed?

Well, I’d rather choke blood
swill it around my cunting mouth
and spew to the cunted page. Good night.

by Dave Migman

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