Sunday, March 04, 2007

On and Off Meds

Trusted everything to our love but our love is in vein no more
Like water is in vain when it flows ceaselessly down a paved road
In pain ‘cause it’s been so long and it still hurts
Your name m-dashed to mine,
although sometimes I drop what I can’t forget
The tears hardly come up anymore
I pushed them all down too afraid to face my half-self
Too afraid to face how I lost you to meds or the lack of thereof
Too sane to stay sane, my love, and I know it now just like I knew it back then
My love for you is too strong
My need to hold you too hard to bear
My solitude in your company an ugly sight
And so it ends, so it ends, so it ends. On and off meds.

by Sofia JarrinT

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