Saturday, March 10, 2007


I need indeed to feel words,
So that my insides stir,
Whenever they're heard,
Acting more like verbs,
Than superflous extravagant adjectives,

Vowels with constantants,
Spoken loosely follow us,
Hounding, and surrounding us,
Empowering us,
To peer outside the box we live,

Simple kinds of explanations,
Grown over the time we've spent dating,
With complications, simply stating,
Several personfications,
Of all the sacrifices we've made,

Not just another fuck,
Followed by tough luck,
Or thoughts of being stuck,
In nothing but just,
Some old realtionship's shallow grave,

To finally breathe,
Feelings of uncomprable need,
Of sprouting an irrepressable seed,
Planted with a wish to be,
Part of a love well worth the save,

A hitchhiker's continued lust,
With the quest of something just,
Fueled by nothing but, love and trust,
An unrelenting rush,
To hold another today, then always.

by R.Alton

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