Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dare I say Madness

I have always seen the
final pages of my story,
tho' it was the body
that had eluded me,
but tonight --

Oh! shall we say

With the certainty of a
soulful transcendence,
I needn't delay the spilling
o' mine own blood
and seek that which has
called to me every
waking moment.

The blade tears voraciously
through dermis and nerve
looking to serve a much maligned
for a sinful madness --

dare I say madness,

if my thoughts are derided with
such lucid contempt, as I
search for the core of my
manhood stopping nary
for a bone.

My voice
echoes through the

'tis laughter that greets the
guests tonight.

The women shall certainly
have me now,
as no alcohol can wash a
eunuch from the mind --

for his obvious shortcomings
come no more.

by Jonathon Shank

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