Tuesday, May 08, 2007

see through you

step forward
i'm calling you to account
there you stand behind a hard stare
i can see through you
did you know that
you only have the ability to hurt me as much as i let you
and right now your murdering me
stab your nails into my back
and i'll bend you over the hard tailgate of my rusty ass truck
and fuck you senseless
no more sweet caresses
i've been saving this for a special occassion
this something intense for you sweetheart
the killer of my hearts desire
twirl this around inside your sick demented little head
and while your down there thinking
open your mouth and suck my cock bitch
i let you deceive me
i knew there were things happening
things that you think with all of your infinite womanly wisdom
that you had all but hidden
but i can see through you
did you know that
bite my shoulder and make me bleed
drink what you've got coming
a coldhearted fuck
my dick ripping through you
i want you to smile and think that you've fooled me
think you could still be happy
after the shit you've pulled
you have no right to imagine a good life
there's no where you can turn
noone you can trust
look into my eyes and wonder
but i can see through you
did you know that
look up at me with your knees in the dirt
as i blow my load across your tits
don't think you didn't deserve every bit of this
let me look at your sweet face
as my cum drips from your lips off your chin
here give me your shirt let me rub it in
and now that i've made you feel dirty and ashamed
the way you've made me feel for so long
let me add insult to pain
here's ten bucks for the fuck
thanks for being my whore
but before we can be anything more
i wanted you to know that you were wrong
i can see through you
and now you know
that i've known all along.

by Marcelino R. Garza

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