Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kickn in drug treatment.

in the wee and misty hour from somewhere deep within
come that demon that i summon from some unspoken whim
a demon that's been with me for almost all my life
that's never truly beaten and hides just out of sight
at first i thought to fight it i revealed its sordid schemes
but demons are so clever and i'd see it in my dreams
it knows that i must have your smile and empty praise
so i can think my lies are true then my act will seem so brave
i killed my rotten demon you all have heard me boast
well if it's not completely killed it's almost surely ghost
and that almost surely part is the trigger on my mind
and lets my demon know that i have gotten blind
then all the little stumble bumps that i forgot to see
let that demon closer to whisper just to me
(their all just fools you know why can't they see you’re through
you got me whipped you know you have so there's nothing left to do
i learned my lesson well you beat me down it's true
don't tell them that you spoke to me they'll tell you what to do)
My demons not so mean it's really kind of nice
my only really true friend that's been with me my whole life
so when it says lets go I've already slipped away
my minds been packed for days now so i'll be on my way
you never really knew me i just let you see my pain
but the real me
only demon knows my name.

by. j.m. Whittaker

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