Thursday, June 21, 2007


it was the shattered weaver
and the princess toe
bawling in a neighborhood
not long ago
spinning ancient native
secrets twisting trust
of nightly security
for the ritualistic
classic bed-time manner
bumping ‘round grids
blasting a confusing thump
makes me grateful
for the slip-on love
of zebra special coat
But isn’t it time
to ask the author why
shojo mistresses unite
to cast a salty spell
over liquid breaches.
Twice! More so than that
in a matter of hours
mere minutes of nothingness
gave all my compassion
in a celebrated display
of my literate passions
not just for the art,
though a thought
can tempt the itch,
but for the realness
of fictional realities
and illusionary personas
Yet I have suffered
grieved, love and anticipated
for this moment
sequence upon layers
what’s another sixty days
going upward, even?
worth the wait, boys
all sweet girls know
when the good stuff
is worth the wait

by Kate Green

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Anonymous Dylan Elliot said...

Kate, my name is Dylan Elliot. I'm the managing editor for the online magazine Getting Drunk with the Muse,
I am interested in your work and inviting you to submit some of your poems. You can send five poems with a brief bio to me at The June issue came out a few days earlier than anticipated. Our next issue will be out on September 27. That is the issue that I want to feature one of your poems in. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow.... absolutely wonderful!!

5:47 AM  
Anonymous kg said...

thank you. xo

8:48 AM  

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