Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rave On (It)

I must be laughing
for this surely is
a fucking joke
Let’s travel through
wasted weeknight hours
where we bumped
from the south to the north
Dip in the center
for some barback love
and watch the irritation
smirk that pout
Down another mixer
I know your hate
for everyone here
but weren’t the Danish duo
amazing and sexy?
Wasn’t the meth dancer
a seepy mexicano
Just pass out in your
hiccups, rolling
pop in for a frozen bite
so the real thing
can start to simmer
How convenient to start
with five hours to sunrise
I struggled to contain
my piercing cackles
until I was thrown in
The line was drawn
in your counterproductive
liquid curves
Break some wine glasses
strip him free
trash the art deco
tracks style throw
three pieces in her face
She’ll get ya back
with a broomstick attack
go ahead and break the lamp
I’ll laugh on the stairs
and shake my head
Slamming doors
covered in sauce
while he scrapes for resin
on my pink plush floor
We will not be sleeping
with this pain from eating
Can’t I just shove
one billion live cells
down my throat
turn on Gish
wither on my back
and call it a night?
Not this night
because it won’t end,
they won’t end
even though they have.
I suppose I’ll wait
settle for an angle position
propped up on throws
admiring the cracked
red holder I snatched
and wonder ‘bout
that little vixen
running ‘round the fates
bringing my small wrong
back full swing
in just one night.

by Kate Green

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