Sunday, June 24, 2007

I can make you moan so deeply that instantly the insides of your thighs become moist and sticky
you can indulge in my voice as I read my poetry to a spot on your body of your choice
before I lick my lips and kiss my words off your hips
my tongue gyrates just below your panty line
this is the moment of which you have been fantasizing
you inhale your breaths deeply and exhale your moans discretely
can you feel the heat baby between you and me
your body is full of unlimited sexual knowledge that I beg you to teach me
I want to make every orgasm you experience uncontrollably outrageous
I want to meet your G-spot and taste all you have got
I want you to pull your body closer to me
as you "ooh and ahhhhhh"the sounds I love to hear as I am getting you off
your nipples and your moans are the only thing on your body that I don't want to be soft
as you ride and grind your love onto me I slide my mouth over your breasts as were making love kissing and caressing then I feel your body tighten as our passion heightens
and I follow your climax's trail as we orgasm together we moan over and over again ....
before we go again...
baby I would love to make you moan again

by moskie

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