Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Cowboy

The Cowboy was a troubled soul.
A loner in his time.
Taken from this earth too soon.
Cut down in his prime.
He never had a single friend,
That would watch his back.
That's why he spent his every day,
Dressed all in black.

The only thing he ever wanted,
Was someone to love.
Someone who would hold him close.
An angel from above.
Sara was his one true love.
Skin so soft and fair.
Big blue eyes and pouty lips.
A head of golden hair.

He never got to have his angel.
Cause' she loved someone else.
He spent his final days alone.
Noone but himself.
You can find a small black cross,
Beside a country road.
A picture of a sad-eyed cowboy.
Who the world will never know.

by David Case

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