Thursday, July 19, 2007

Anger Problem

She said that she would leave me.
If I didn't cool down.
She would pack up all her things
And move right out of town.
I'll have to thank her sister now
For helping her when she left.
Cause' if she didn't leave my house
I might of beat that bitch to death.

My anger problem left today.
She finally ran out of things to say.
It looks like I'll be happy now.
I got her to go away.
My anger problem left today.

She said that I have issues.
I'll admit that she was right.
If it wasn't for her mouth
I'd a been home more at night.
I'm glad for every hurtful word
That I ever said.
Cause' if I heard just one more word
I'd have a bullet in my head.

by David Case

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