Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Spires of Babylon! Cursed, fucked world!
Marble erudite
sweating out God
by holding focus to the paper
foreign to his desk.
He is made to fathom consequence
and continues to measure success with sorrow
while pondering what is darker than man.
His pen to be moved by the sickness of its ink.
And while no innocence is gained by fever,
in the span of that fever,
pages pile up like nervous cigarettes
until the tourniquet of drink tightens off the written word
leaving the versed porous and discontented to harmony.
In length - abject by art
In brief - will made more formidable.
For even in the still of sitting,
it is realized -
Life is Expansive
by fabled and fated drunkard
poet of empty spillings.

by D. Garcia-Wahl

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